Networking Site for Women and Gay Men is Here, FruitLooped.com

FruitLooped.com is a new website and upcoming app where gay men and straight women can meet up and share what matters to them. Friendships between gay men and straight women are special. Research on this type of friendship has revealed that women sometimes prefer the advice of gay men over their girlfriends and boyfriends, and […]


From the Guest Blog

Shattering the “Gay Friend” Glass

Recently I found myself out to lunch with a good reporter friend of mine when the Gay Friend glass shattered. We were talking about a good (and gay) writer friend of mine. My reporter friend asked, “Is he the one you met on set last summer?” The answer was no, he was referring to another […]

The Closet

Coming out of the closet is a big deal and is often characterized by anxiety. What was once intensely private is now open and public. With just a few words, coming out can forever alter many relationships; coming out can cost someone their job, friends, or family. Despite how big an event coming out is […]