Research Team

Morgan Thurow


My name is Morgan, and I am a post-bachelor researcher in the Social Interaction Lab at the University of Texas (UT) at Arlington, under the guidance of Eric Russell and Dr. William Ickes. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree from UT Arlington in 2015. During my time at UT Arlington, I have served as a project and recruiting manager for a line of dyadic interaction research, which has examined the unique behavioral patterns exhibited within straight female-gay male dyads. My research interests include examining interpersonal perceptions within unique dyadic combinations, and various aspects of relationship development.

Michelle Clark


My name is Michelle, and I am a junior research assistant at the University of Texas at Arlington. My research interests include personality and social psychology. My goals are to achieve my degree in psychology, hone my interests more specifically, and to pursue graduate school. My interest in gay-straight relationships stems from a fascination with human sexuality and how it influences our social interactions on an everyday basis.  I believe research in gay-straight relationships will translate well to important environments, such as school and work, and provide much needed insight into the field.

Monica Sheehan


My name is Monica, and I am an undergraduate senior and research assistant in the Social Interaction Lab at the University of Texas at Arlington. My research interests include social psychology and human sexuality, which I plan to further study in graduate school after I’ve received my bachelor’s degree. I am most interested in sexual addiction and deviancy, and the psychological effects of promiscuity, however, after learning more about dyadic research I’ve also become interested in further studying the motivation for, and influence of attraction on interpersonal relationships. The research on gay-straight relationships intrigues me because it gives insight into how connections are made with the opposite sex when ulterior motives, or assumptions of, are removed.