Opens Up Online Dating For Gay Men

When it comes the greater acceptance of the LGBT community and the advancement of equal rights, it’s easy to get caught up in the frequent news stories regarding the social progress being made. However, while significant headway is being made in the court system regarding same-sex marriages, antiquated State laws are still governing many of the equality protections, or they are being hampered by enforcement agencies with an overly conservative point of view.


“We have long been proponents of full equality nationwide,” said Sean of “While we are continuing to see the country moving in the right direction, there are still far too many pockets of discrimination and places where being open about your homosexual identity is a difficult obstacle to overcome. That’s why we continue to put so much effort into the care and discretion that the All Male dating platform affords all of the men in our dating community online.”

If you are sitting in a big city or living in a metropolitan area, you may be surprised to hear how many places are still very discriminatory towards LGBT individuals. A fair amount of restrictions still exist that hinder the success and well-being of minorities. A couple of examples include obtaining employment or even leasing an apartment. Because many people are still unaware of these injustices, HBO host John Oliver even did an in-depth story about the difference between what people think should be true and what is actually happening in the country right now:

“We would love to live in a world where everyone could just go to the exact same dating site and be who they are without any repercussions socially,” added Sean.  “But that just isn’t the world we all live in… at least not yet. So as long as some people want to treat others as outsiders, everyone at will continue to offer a safe, secure and completely open environment online that is continuing to help men of all local areas, ethnicities and backgrounds to meet other like-minded men for romance, intimacy and more.”

Post contributed and authored by the Staff