Welcome to Gay-Straight Relationships

It is my pleasure to introduce my new, upcoming blog and website: GayStraight.com. This blog was created to explore and better understand the relationships between gay and straight individuals. Its ultimate goal is to provide you with beneficial information about these relationships including how they function, how they are perceived, and how they contribute to our understanding to relationships as a whole.


This blog will not be limited to just one type of relationship or gender; rather, I will work to incorporate information from many relationship types. In addition to discussing the relationship between gay men and straight women, I will also touch on relationships between straight men and gay men, lesbian women and straight men/women, bisexual women and gay men, gay men’s relationship with one another, etc.

Because I intend for this website to be an interactive learning experience, please feel free to offer personal insight or knowledge about the topics that are discussed in the comments sections below.  Guest bloggers are welcomed and are encouraged to contact me directly.

Thank you for your interest, and look forward to your following and feedback!

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